At Winarize, our mission is to make it easy for sports and innovation players to work together. We aim to create and spread meaningful sports experiences through the power of collective innovation.


Winarize is an end-to-end platform that shapes the state of sports and its global environment. We connect industry stakeholders and fans to the innovations that are changing the game. We empower communities with data and technology to build together a sustainable future for the sports we all love. 




We are a team of four tech-savvy and sports passionate members united by the mission of making it easy for sports figures and techies to work together. 


The Winarize team is a natural spinoff of Colosseum Sport, an International Sports Innovation Group, focused on delivering solutions to the challenges of various sports organizations and innovation players: leagues, teams, investors, multinational companies and startups. 

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  • Oren Simanian


  • Fernanda Rojtenberg


  • Dror Leshem

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Eliav Ozeri